Your personal vocabulary notebook accessible from anywhere

Learning new vocabulary

Most students keep vocabulary notebooks while they are learning a foreign language. However, using good old pen and paper here is neither convenient nor reliable. Indeed, your records may get lost or you may simply forget to revise new words.

Keeping words online

Why not keep your records on Overfluent? This way you can access them from anywhere, learn and revise new words, track your progress and even check what other students are up to.

Expanding your vocabulary

Unlike other solutions Overfluent really scales. You can add thousands of words to your vocabulary, and our training modes ensure that you will learn them all and never forget.

Utilizing word frequencies

Information about word frequencies is integrated into the system to help you learn the most important stuff first .

Tracking your progress

We keep track of your results so that you can always check them in a graph. You can also take our vocabulary tests from time to time to see how you are doing.

Not just words

By the way, Overfluent is not limited to individual words and can help you with learning set phrases, collocations, idioms and even grammar. Using its cloze-based sentence training you will finally be able to memorize which verbs require gerunds and which infinitives.

So, if you are serious about learning a new language, start using Overfluent now by registering an account. Just click here and follow the instructions.